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Another male who has plenty of champions in his background is Timbuktu. Click on this link to view his pedigree: He has been throwing some fantastic puppies. The pictures were taken looking down and he looks smaller than he really is.

 Our next male is Kamaji. He has been shown and has a blue and a red ribbon. Great loving personality. Just like the others.

Our newest male is Yoshi. He is a litter mate to our girl Kiyoshi. His father is Kamaji. Stole a glove.

This is a picture of Marshall Dillon aka Matt. His father is Timbuktu and his mother is Karmin. We know that one day we will have to retire Timbuktu (Buck) and we'd like to keep his line up. Also Karmin came from a line of champions. Matt has already thrown some really nice puppies.

Our next male is Jack. He is a young dog and has had one litter so far. His puppies are all very stocky and well built. He is throwing some mighty nice ones.