Allens Akitas

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This beauty is Blossom. She also has a fantastic personality. She can't get enough attention to suit her.

This girl belongs to our Granddaughter who named her Alice of Wonderland. We call her Alice. She is very nice and has a great temperament. Just like all our others.

The next two pics are Naomi. She has great puppies. She has an amazing temperament.

This is our girl Miya Moriko. We raised her and she is out of Kierra Asami and Kuma Junior. She is very friendly also. Just like her parents.

This is Kiyoshi. Sorry but this just isn't a good picture of her. I will try to do better. She has had some really nice puppies and she is a very sweet lady. Always ready for attention. She love to get her kisses in.

This is a new girl. Miss Kitty.  Her grandmother is our Ginger, one of our previous girls. Her father is Kamaji. We like to save puppies back from good bloodlines and good temperaments. She is very sweet and loving. This picture isn't very good. I will get a better one.

This is Tinkerbelle with her new litter out of Kamaji. Tinkerbelle herself is out of Lily Pad and a previous male named Doc Holliday. She is solid white and really shows her great temperament in how she treats her babies.

Meet our girl Hailey's Mad Hatter aka Hattie. She is a sweet girl and is a great mother. She is very friendly and loves to meet and greet. She curls her tail just not this time.