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This is our Miss Kitty. Her grandmother is our Ginger, one of our previous girls. Her father is Kamaji. We like to save puppies back from good bloodlines and good temperaments. She is very sweet and loving. This picture isn't very good. I will get a better one. She weighs around 90 pounds.

This is Ellie Bear.  She has an awesome personality and is very playful. Ellie changes color with the season seems like. She weighs around 100 pounds.

This is Lucy. She is so kind. She loves everyone too. Always glad to welcome visitors. Lucy weighs around 96 pounds.

Next is our girl Kim Ho. She is a great girl also. Just like all the others she loves all the attention she can get. I'll get a better picture of Kimmie soon. She weighs around 92 pounds

This pretty girl is new to us. Her registered name is Cory's Sapphire. We call her Sassy. She came from champion bloodlines.

This girl is a litter mate to Sassy. Her registered name is Cory's Topaz. We shortened it to Topey. They are both very sweet and love attention. Sassy weighs around 88 pounds.

This girl is Ivy. We saved her out of Kim Ho and  Yoshi Kenta to keep their bloodline going. They both have great temperaments and she does too. She's a real sweetheart.​ Ivy weighs around 86 pounds. 

This girl is Cleo. She is out of Ellie Bear and Jack. She has a beautiful color and won't let anyone visit with out petting her a little. She loves company and gets so excited. We enjoy folks coming to visit our kids. We aren't fancy but our dogs are well fed and very happy. She likes to offer you something. In this case a bone. She weighs around 85 pounds

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