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One of our buyers from Illinois have gotten 5 of our puppies over the years. Three for themselves and two for their kids. Featuring here are the three who live in the same house. The first one is a long haired girl out of Kuma of Rodriguez Hill (Kuma Sr) and Sachi Jo. Kuma sometimes throws long haired ones which are amazing. This is Belle with snow on her face. Kuma's son, Kuma Jr also throws long haired puppies.

Another of Belle without snow. Beautiful long haired girl.

Pilgrim is the first puppy the Hanson's got from us. He is out of some of our retired dogs, Mr. Smith and Cory's Anastasia (Annie). They also call him "grumpy". ha. Not deserved I'm sure.

Finally this is Koinu who is known as Coney. Also loving the snow. Coney is out of Kuma and Double 0 Windy.

Akitas love cats and smaller amimals. But they must be introduced to them as a puppy. This girl who now lives in Kansas City is proof of that. She is an amazing girl.

This big guy is out of Smokey Chou and and a previous male name Kai. He is fantastic.

The next one is out of Kierra (who is a litter mate to Timbuktu) and Kai.

This group live in Arkansas. All of them came from our line. Look how beautiful they are and so loved.

We have many many more. I am just getting started. Thank you for looking.

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