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This big guy out of Kierra and Kuma Junior left today to live in Arkansas.

This little boy is the only male out of Meiko and Kuma this time. He is going to live in Tennessee. Looks like he's got a good thing going.

The following are pictures of our shippers. This is Jerry Simmons from picking up our little girl who is going to Springfield, Ma. We completely trust the shippers who take very good care of our puppies and handle all the arrangements with the airlines .

From time to time some of the buyers come here to pick up their puppies. We are going to try to get their permissions to take a picture of them and their puppy. The following is from a couple from Texas who came to visit their puppy, Mieko. I am including a testimonial of their visit.

We got back this afternoon without any problems. I want to thank you & Gene again for your hospitality and showing us your little piece of Heaven! It was so nice to be able to play with Mieko at her tender age, and we were very impressed with your other dogs and especially the temperment of Ginger and Kuma! It's very reassurring.

I'm enclosing the picture I took of you with Marissa and Mieko. I think it's a good pic of all four of you! Feel free to use it on your website if you wish...

We'll be looking forward to seeing Mieko again on or around August 5th... I know you'll let us know when & how she's being shipped. We'll both be waiting at the airport. 

This is the same puppy as the above one all grown up now She is a beauty. They say she is spoiled and deeply loved. They love these long coated Akitas.

We do too.

Kyoshi and Jake sent this big guy home with the Larkins. They knew he would have a great home and lots of love.

Kiyoshi and Jake also sent this big girl to live happily in Tennessee.

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