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 Akita Breeder


The contact page isn't working too good so please send email to: or call 417 924 8064 landline. Cell 417 554 2018 for texting. Please leave name if texting.  Thank you.


It is with a very heavy heart I have to report that we had devastating results with Lucy and Jack's litter which was born 1/29. There were too many evidently and we lost them all. No matter what we did they decided they didn't want to live. Lucy had a hard time and it may take her a bit to recover.

We had so many people waiting for her and I have to say that hopefully you can be patient. We are expecting more from Kim, Kiyoshi and Blossom a little later on.

We are currently out of puppies. We thought we would have some around 12/09 but they never came after all. So it will be more like Feb. 2021 before we get any more. So sorry. We will take orders tho. We keep a list of interested buyers and let them know when we get some available. Thank you so much for you patience. UPDATE: 3 girls bred.

Kiyoshi to Jack, Blossom to Buck, Cindy to Matt and Kim to Yoshi. So please be patient. We will be having plenty puppies in the Spring. Hopefully anyway.


Here is an example of how we socialize our puppies.This is our Nephew's wife and kids enjoying Easter with Kitty and Timbuktu's little boy from their 3/15/19 litter. This boy is going to be living in Indiana. Now he's begging for more attention