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Some folks think Akitas are naturally mean and aggressive. I would like to show some of our Akitas and their kids. They are very conscious of the little ones. Also very tender.

We have so many beautiful examples of how marvelous Akitas are with their little ones. It's hard to choose which ones to show. We love it.

The Huguets in Las Vegas have two super heros to watch over them. Thanks in part to Kiyoshi and Grant.

These precious babies don't have to worry. They have a protector watching over them.

Baby Love. To be protected. Baby and cat as well.

Baby Love. To be protected. Baby and cat as well.

She is looking out for her kids. Must be doing a good job too. She is happy in Arkansas being a protector.

Is this not totally adorable? This little girl is out of our Naomi and Moose. They will be best friends. Living happily in Minnesota. Puppy is Yuki and baby is Ollie. Very very precious.

Sweet, true love.

Kona and his special friend.

This girl is definitely a part of the family here.

The first picture is of Koinu (Coney) who lives in Ill. He is 1 year 4 months old.

This puppy has his best friend too. Going for a walk.

Sleep and snuggle time. There is a little boy here too. Can't see him too good in this copy.

Family love at it's finest.

Akitas make great foot stools.

This guy found a comfortable spot to sleep.

Protecting his family.

Taking care of his little girl. His name is Coal

This young man from Colorado and his Akita, Diesel love to help abused children. Diesel is out of our Suki and Timbuktu.

This sweet baby has a protector.

Another example of Akita love. They are protectors of their humans no matter what size.

More love of children.

Sleeping Buddies

More demonstrations of Akitas love of their kids. Convinced yet?

Better not try to get in this house.

All Akitas deserve loving families like this.

Another great example of how Akitas love their kids.

So precious. No harm will come to this little girl. Her personal security guard.

This little girl has a great protector and buddy. He lets her climb all over him and enjoys it.

This big boy lives in California. Got a big responsibility to take care of this little girl. Looks happy doing it.

Another great picture showing how Akitas love their kids and are very gentle with them.

This is a precious little girl who has a friend and protector for life.

This little boy is happy using his Akita as a nice soft pillow. I'm sure Ayla the Akita would lay there all day if needed.

Gunner and little neighbor.

Twin sister with Ayla the Akita.

What a great example of love between a child and her Akita. This picture was professionally taken by Konstantine Photography.

This is Charcoal taking care of his family. He likes to be involved in everything.

Same as above. This is another pic of Tenshi. He lives in Kansas and enjoys taking care of his little human. He is out of our Smokey and Timbuktu.

This little girl in under the full protection of her best friend who is out of Lily Pad and Doc Holiday. Now living in New Jersey. Where she is needed the most.

Giddy up Horsey. Another perfect example of how Akitas love their kids. Tenshi

Taking his responsibility serious. Out of Lily Pad and Doc Holidayl

This pretty girl is out of Karmin and Kamaji.

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