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We are creating a page to honor our very loved companions who have passed on. Many hearts have been broken by the loss of a beloved pet.

Author Unknown.

This is Jingle Belle. She lived in Bradley, Il all her life. She was born 11/11/11 to our Sachi Jo and Kuma. She passed this life on 9/13/20 leaving many broken hearts.

Jingle Belle loved to ride.

This is Nanook he was the best friend to this family and will be so missed. His picture says it all.

Nanook is out of our past pair Suki and Kuma.

Lady Bear, 10-23-17 / 7-6-19 from Sen. She left way too early. She is missed daily. California

Orion Maloy 12-24-12 to 09-21-20
Orion was the best most loving and adventurous akita I have ever known he is my best friend and confidant. He lived a very adventurous life getting to explore Arizona, Colorado, Washington, California, and Idaho. He truly lived a full life.
Orion Maloy the best American Akita the world has ever known. You came into my life and I swore I would never let you go, unfortunately now I have to. We always knew bloat was something that could happen, but you were supper kita so we thought it could never happen to you. Well sometimes fate doesn't go the way you think... You are my best friend, and have ment more to my life then could ever be expressed. I love you Orion and boy are you going to be missed buddy. Thank you for all the time we had. Now go run fast and free across that rainbow bridge to your son Mintaka he is waiting for you and wants to play something fierce. You will always be with me in my hart even though I can no longer reach out to you with my hand, I love you Orion. We will walk together side by side again one day. Till then good bye my old friend....

I have no idea who wrote this. The love for an animal is real.

They tell you not to cry.
They tell you that it's just a dog, not a human being.
They tell you that the pain will be over.
They tell you that the animals don't know that they have to die.
They tell you that it's important not to let him suffer.
They tell you that you can have another one.
They tell you it's going to happen to you.
They tell you that there is more pain.
But they don't know how many times you've looked into your dog’s eyes.
They don't know how many times you and your dog have looked into darkness alone.
They don't know how many times your dog was the only one who was by your side.
They don't know how much fear you have
at night when you wake up with your grief.
They don't know how many times your dog slept near you.
They don't know how much you've changed since the dog has become a part of your life.
They don't know how many times you hugged him when he was sick.
They don't know how many times you've acted like you didn't see his hair getting whiter.
They don't know how many times you've talked to your dog, the only one who really hears.
They don't know that it was just your dog who knew you were in pain.
They don't know what it feels like to see your old dog trying to get up to say hello.
They don't know that if things went wrong, the only one who didn't go is your dog.
They don't know that your dog trusts you every moment of his life, even in the last.
They don't know how much your dog loved you and how it is enough for him to be happy, because you loved him.
They don't know that crying for a dog is one of the most noble, significant, true, purest and warmest things you can do.
They don't know when the last time you moved him with trouble... making sure it didn’t hurt him.
They don't know what it felt like to pet their face in the last moments of their life....
In Memory of all those who went over the rainbow bridge. You all have a place forever in our hearts

Another handsome boy crossed over the bridge a little bit ago. He was the staple of the family. He will be missed terribly.