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Take a look at this beauty. I think she knows it too. She is now living in West Plains, Mo. She is out of Panda and Grant born In June 2016. Her name is Sibby.

This boy lives in Texas. He is out of Sachi Jo and Timbuktu. This a perfect example how loving Akitas can be. This is very representative of all our kids.

This big old boy is out of Sachi Jo and Timbuktu. He lives in Kansas now. He is quite a lap full.

This beauty is out of our Karmin and Timbuktu. He was born 11/02/2014 and lives happily in Texas. You can see the champion pedigree all over him.

Just received this updated picture today. Taken at the Vets. The little fawn one is 2 months old and she is out of Naomi and Grant. The big boy is 10 months and is out of Suki and Timbuktu. Weighing 104 pounds. They are truly amazing and we are so proud to show them off. These are very good examples of our kids.

Who wouldn't want a 100 pound Akita on their shoulders? This is love and loyalty at it's finest. This is one of our "Puppies" all grown up.

The dark puppy is Kanjo Kinari. We call him Little Joe. The fawn colored one is a girl named Himeko Naomi . We feel they are a great compliment to the Akita breed and will have some beautiful puppies someday. Little Joe is out of Smokey and Kai and Naomi is out of Tamika and Kuma Junior.

This is one our puppies out of Arabella and Kuma Junior. He is living very happily in St. Louis now.

Folks make long trips to pick up our kids. This one is going to live in Kentucky. Take a mini vacation to Akita Avenue and save on shipping charges. What could be better?

This boy was born 11/21/14 out of Panda and Grant. His name is Able and he lives in Arizona. Enjoying the outdoors and looking very handsome.

This is serious love.

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