Allens AKC Akitas

American Akita Breeder


Quotes We recently recieved a female puppy from Gene and Vicky Allen. We are very satisfied. We were shipped a beautifull healthy puppy. The Allens obviously take great care and pride in the dogs they raise. Robert and Marni Przekop Quotes
Robert Przekop

Quotes I have Sakura who was bred by the Allens. She is extremely smart and friendly. I only have to walk her around any area for her to know the boundary immediately. It is amazing. She will play all day if I play all day. She will sleep all day if I sleep all day. That was extremely helpful when I had back surgery.(smile) I inherited Sakura from another owner but was able to contact the Allens. My family bred white German Shepherds. The Akita by far is a breed that I am now loyal to. The Allens have bred the perfect pet whom I got to protect my family. I thank you so much. We are safe and loved by Sakura. We look forward to getting a new Akita from you. Thank you. Quotes
Julia Raye
Best Pet Ever
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