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Quotes My wife and I have purchased 2 Akitas from Gene and Vicky. The first was in September of 2009 and the second one was in December of 2011. If anyone asks me about our Akitas I tell them they came from Allen's Akitas and I reccomend them highly. Quotes
Two time buyer

Quotes We purchased not 1, not 2, but 3 Akita's from Gene and Vicky. I must say they were very professional and very comforting. We purchased a pup for ourselves, my sister in law, and my brother in law. We love Akita's and if we were to purchase any additional pups we would definantley purchase from Gene and Vicky. They provided many pictures of the growing pups for all 3 of our pups, they were very responsive to all our calls, emails, and questions. They shipped our puppies to us with no problems and were even as curtious to follow up that the pups arrived. We love our Akita's. Their names are Max, Rocky, and Roxy. Rocky and Roxy have since then produced their own litter which we kept both pups in the family. They are both males name Kato and Titan. We are very pleased with the Allen's and wish them nothing but success in the future. Quotes

Quotes What an incredible experience. Me and my wife drove down to meet the Allens from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. It was a long day but it was absolutly worth it. Gene and Vicky are incledible people who clearly care about their dogs and all of the puppies they have. It was wonderful to meet our little puppy Odins parents. Odins parents Kuma and Windy were very calm and freindly with no fear or hesitation about a stranger coming to meet them. It just confirmed what Vicky had told us about them. Even with 20 hrs in the car we could not have asked for a better experience or a better little addition to our family. Thanks again Vicky and Gene! Quotes
Taylor and Kirsten Scholz
Very satisfied (and tired) Owners

Quotes Gene and Vicky are amazing people, they have made our journey to fulfilling our dream to be Akita owners a very special and positive one. We were so very happy with the updates of the puppies growth week to week. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and we will definitely send or refer any others looking for an Akita your way. Nanook has been a joy to have in our home and we look forward to many years of love and happiness with him. We will be back to get another for sure. Quotes
I love and adore my Akita, Nanook

Quotes Our experience with the Allen's has been amazing! From the first email until we picked up our puppy on October 22, 2011, we had excellent communication, they sent lots of pictures and answered all of our questions. We are so in love with our little girl! She has the sweetest personality ~ very loving, smart and calm. We really couldnt ask for more. She gets along great with our 2 kids and 3's like she's always been here. Quotes
Leia's Parents

Quotes The Allen's had a puppy on hold for us from a future litter not yet born. This little girl became available and after thinking it over, we decided to bring Hitomi home! I know most new owners are able to pick their puppies from the litter, but this one was picked for us and that makes her even more special! She's beautiful and everyone who see's her has to pet her soft fur and tell us how precious she is! All we can say is thanks!! Quotes

Quotes We bought puppy from Vicky and Gene in June, but he was ready to join us only in August. Vicky was so nice to send us pictures of him every week, so the whole family was following how he was growing. We named him Mozzy and were very happy to meet him July 29th when he safely arrived to San Francisco. He is a joy - smart, good natured and a little mischievous. Only from a very loving and healthy environment can come such a lovable family dog. Thank you, Vicky and Gene for all the joy Mozzy is bringing us! Quotes
Happy family

Quotes We bought a male puppy from Gene and Vicky in March of 2011. We love him so much. Prior to getting Tonka I had lost my 3 year old Akita to cancer. I was so amazed in the difference in this puppy. He is healthy happy and HUGE!!. The Allens are great to deal with. They walked us through everything since we have never purchased a pet this way. They care about the puppies that sale. They called to check in with us to see that he arrived safe and sound. I would recommend the Allens to anyone who is interested in purchasing an Akita. We are currently in the process of purchasing our second puppy from them. A little girl. We can't wait for her arrival. Quotes
Jodie Fraser
Very Satisfied Mom

Quotes I was looking for an Akita and found Allen's Akitas on the web.I talked to Allen and Vicky, told them what i was looking for and they put (White Fang Matoskah Dad) to work and he fathered a Magnificent Akita. his name means white Bear in Japanese. Allen and Vicky are great breeders to work with. they sent me pic as he was growing up. he is 4 y/o now and the best dog in the world. Thanks again Allen and Vicky Quotes
Chuck Richter
Satisfied customer

Quotes I got my puppy about two weeks ago, couldn't figure out what to call him my wife said you've been calling him Buddy since you got him Whats wong with that as a name, Never mess the the wisdom of a woman, my best friends name is Buddy and he is amazing in every way. Allens AKitas are the best Thank you soooo much for my Buddy! Quotes
Best Friend